Tips on how to Cut back Kitty Litter Scent

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Smelly kitty litter is without doubt one of the most annoying elements of being a cat proprietor. Not solely does cat pee scent noxious, however the stench can unfold throughout your own home, making it exhausting or embarrassing to ask company over. That’s why all of us need to make it possible for our cat litter bins scent as little as potential.

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Listed here are some fast ideas for the right way to do away with cat litter scent:

#1: Scoop Your Kitty Litter Twice a Day At Least

If you happen to depart your rest room unflushed all day, it’s going to begin to scent. The identical goes together with your kitty litter.

Clear out your field at the very least twice a day, utilizing a steel spoon to select up each your cat’s poop and any moist urine spots. In case your cat has bother utilizing their litter field constantly, cleansing it would encourage them to make use of it since many cats keep away from pee smells, particularly from different cats.

#2: Exchange the Litter Twice a Week or Extra

Even should you scoop out your kitty litter field constantly, smells can nonetheless linger within the litter as you unintentionally miss small specks of urine and feces. That’s why altering the litter at the very least twice per week may help to considerably cut back litter field scent.

If you clear your litter field, be sure you not solely dump the previous litter, but additionally clear the field itself. Cleaning soap and water works effectively, however you may also use a bleach resolution (one half bleach for each three elements water). Keep away from ammonia-based cleaners, as it would make the pee scent worse. Be sure to clear your steel scooping spoon as effectively.

One dried, add two to a few inches of litter again into the field. Most cats don’t like bins teeming with an excessive amount of litter and can refuse to make use of it.

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#3: Get a New Litter Field

Litter bins, particularly plastic ones, can simply get scratched up by your cat’s claws. Small as they’re, these scratches are exhausting to sterilize and turn into breeding grounds for odor-causing micro organism.

That is why it’s best to exchange your cat’s litter field as soon as yearly (we suggest making it their birthday current in order that you’ll at all times bear in mind). We suggest donating your previous field to a shelter or rescue group in want.

#4: Get a Larger Litter Field

Cats could be finicky. Even when they’ve been educated to make use of a litter field previously, in the event that they discover a problem with their present field, they will refuse to make use of it now. Then they go to the toilet throughout your own home, spreading the scent in every single place.

For locating the fitting cat field measurement, observe this rule of thumb: your field needs to be twice so long as your cat is lengthy and as huge as your cat is lengthy. Any smaller, and the field is perhaps too small for them to comfortably use.

#5: Get One other Litter Field, Particularly If You Have Extra Than One Cat

Not like canine, cats hate peeing the place different cats have peed. In case you are a multi-cat family, it is advisable get a number of litter bins to accommodate every of your cats.

Usually, it’s best to have one further litter field for the variety of cats dwelling in your own home. For instance, you probably have two cats, it’s best to have three litter bins. And you probably have one cat, it’s best to have two litter bins.

#6: Keep away from Perfumes and Scented Litter

Cats don’t like perfumes or different robust scents (which is why citrus scents like lemon are an excellent deterrent for undesirable stray cats). Which means whereas having scented kitty litter appears like a great way to chop down on odors, it truly makes it extra possible that your cat will keep away from utilizing their litterbox.

Unscented litter could also be the perfect cat litter for odor management for you and your cat. Veterinarians extremely suggest it, and chances are you’ll discover that it really works higher than the scented stuff.

Whilst you’re at it, just be sure you don’t spray any air fresheners or perfumes round your cat both for a similar cause.

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#7: Use Deodorizer to Freshen Up Your Litter Field

Whereas perfumes and fragrances solely masks up the small of your cat’s litter field, An excellent deodorizer can remove the scent fully. There are many retail deodorizers that you could select from, however we suggest baking soda.

Baking soda is a superb all-purpose cleaner that may remove powerful odors, together with cussed ammonia-based smells. A little bit goes a great distance too, so sprinkling a small quantity on prime needs to be sufficient to filter out these dangerous smells.

No matter deodorizer you utilize, be certain it’s one which your cat likes as effectively. In case your cat doesn’t just like the scent or really feel of your deodorizer, they received’t use their litter field. Don’t be afraid to check out a number of manufacturers till you discover one which works for you each.

#8: Put Your Litter Field In a Larger Area

You most likely have heard multiple cat fanatic suggest placing your litter field in a small cupboard (we’ve positively beneficial it earlier than). For some households, hiding their litter field works, however for others, the confined house can amplify the cat scent.

Transferring the litter field to a bigger room with higher air flow will assist the odors disperse earlier than they will make your litter too smelly. Placing your litter field within the storage, the laundry room, and even an enclosed catio are all nice places with loads of air circulation.

#9: Block Off Your Litter Field

Okay, so what should you simply don’t like how a lot the kitty litter scent spreads? Whereas leaving your field within the open is nice for lowering the scent itself, leaving your field behind a closed door is one of the simplest ways to maintain the scent from getting all around the home.

For this resolution, we suggest placing your litter field in a room with a door, just like the storage or laundry room. Then you possibly can set up a cat flap or a cat gap into your door or wall to be able to give your cat entry to their field every time they want it.

If you happen to get your cat a cat door, be sure you prepare them on the right way to use their door.

#10: Seek the advice of Your Veterinarian

In case your cat’s pee or poop has had an apparent change in odor, or this scent challenge is current, then it could be time to seek the advice of with their veterinarian. Underlying well being or food regimen issues might be the reason for the robust scent coming out of your cat’s litter.

When unsure, at all times go to the vet.

There may be at all times a messy facet to proudly owning a pet, however even when our cat’s litter field begins to scent, we love them anyway. If you happen to’re searching for extra methods to complement your cat’s life, we suggest leash coaching them in addition to getting the right cat door for his or her life-style.


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