Stopping Aggression Between Cats

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Whether or not it’s from feeling threatened or territorial, typically, your cat goes to get right into a combat. This is likely to be with their neighborhood feline buddy, the native stray cat, and even their brother or sister. What’s worse, typically these fights simply appear to come back out of nowhere! Not solely can cat aggression disturb the peace of your house, however it might result in your cat being injured. You wish to cease this from occurring, however how? The place do you even start?

5 Issues Which Can Result in a Cat Struggle

There are loads of elements which may result in cat aggression. Right here’s a couple of the explanation why your cats is likely to be preventing:

  1. Mating Season. Aggression between cats of the identical intercourse will typically enhance throughout mating season.
  2. Adjustments within the Social Group. Cats are extraordinarily social creatures who hate change. Every cat family will typically have a hierarchy your head cat will wish to keep. When this social group adjustments, equivalent to a shedding a household memeber or one other cat being adopted, your head cat may begin to lash out.
  3. Environmental Adjustments. Keep in mind what I mentioned about cats not liking change? Your cats are going to develop into extra aggressive once you transfer into a brand new home, rearrange the furnishings, and even put the cat bowl in a distinct spot.
  4. Adjustments in Routine. Cats are creatures of behavior. When the family’s each day ritual will get interrupted, they could lash out.
  5. Territory Disputes. Cats like having their very own house. When a brand new cat enters the image, your cat may develop into territorial over their meals bowl, cat scratchers, and even their favourite window sill.

An aggressive cat by a cat carrier being reintroduced to their cat sibling

The right way to Cease Combating Between Cats

Realizing what’s inflicting your cats to combat is just half the battle. Belief me, I do know. After I found out what was the reason for my cats to combat, I nonetheless didn’t know cease my cat from bullying my different cat. Fortunately, cat behaviorists have loads of nice methods for de-escalating your cat fights and instructing your cats to be much less aggressive.

  1. Distract Your Cats. If you happen to cats are beginning to combat, you may break the strain by making a loud noise (equivalent to clapping or banging pots collectively) or throwing a toy close to them. Watch out to do that from behind a nook. You don’t need your cats to see you and suppose you’re part of the combat too.
  2. Spay/Neuter Your Cats. Research present that feline aggression is considerably decreased in cats which were spayed or neutered earlier than their first birthday.
  3. Reintroduce Your Cats. Typically, your cats’ relationship simply wants a tough reset. Whenever you introduced your second cat residence, you in all probability went by means of an introduction course of in order that your authentic cat wouldn’t get territorial. Time to do it once more! Separate your cats to 2 remoted sections of your own home. Slowly reintroduce them to one another in managed conditions, equivalent to letting them meet whereas on leashes. Give your cats towels lined within the different’s scent in order that they’ll get used to the opposite’s odor. Finally, your cats ought to be capable to be throughout the similar house collectively with out preventing. This course of may take wherever from a couple of days to a couple weeks, relying on how aggressive your cats are.
  4. Award Good Conduct. When your cats are preventing, it’s tempting to offer your cats treats with a purpose to decrease tensions, however doing so will solely reinforce dangerous habits. As a substitute, reward your cats solely when they’re getting alongside.
  5. Give Extra Consideration. Enjoying together with your cats mentally stimulates them. Your cats can develop into extra aggressive when they’re bored, so make sure to give them a number of love and a spotlight.
  6. Make Extra Territory. Cats develop into aggressive after they really feel as if their territory is being threatened. When you have multiple cat, attempt giving them their very own toys, cat scratchers, and bowls. If one cat is territorial over their favourite window sill, you may encourage your different cat to make the armchair their territory. Contemplate investing in a cat door that may give your cats entry to outside areas like catios, which is able to give your cats extra space to comfortably break up between themselves. Take a look at our full information on putting in a pet door into any residence.
A cat using the Thermo Sash 3e Cat Door for Sash Windows to go their catio

Ought to You Break a Cat Struggle?

What are you alleged to do when your cats begin preventing? Proper off the bat, don’t put your physique in the course of the combat. You’ll find yourself scratched up, and also you may lose the belief of your cats. As a substitute, from a distance, make a loud noise. You may bang some pots collectively, rattle a can crammed with cash, and even simply clap your arms. The noise needs to be loud sufficient to frighten your cats slightly, breaking apart the combat as they run away. If loud noises don’t work, spray bottles and aerosol cans generally is a good various. If you happen to do must bodily intervene, put a sofa cushion between your cats to separate them.

After the combat, preserve your cats separated. As soon as they’ve calmed down, examine for accidents, and deal with those you discover in order that they don’t get contaminated. As soon as your cats have mellowed, you may reintroduce them to one another once more.

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