Meet the Winners of Our Pet Door Photo Contest!

by admin

We asked over our newsletter for your best pet door photos, and the response was incredible. We received over 1100 submissions from pet lovers all over the world showing off the pet doors they got for their amazing pets. We loved every photo, but ultimately, we had to choose three winners for the contest.

The winners were chosen by everyone here at (yes, even the dogs!). We were looking for photos that showed off not only the pet doors installed into your homes but the pets who love them.

Without further ado, here are our winners:

3rd Place – $100

Golden Retriever sitting behind the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e Pet Door Insert for Sliding Glass doors


Human: Daryl Ferguson

Dog: Henry the Golden Retriever

Pet Door: Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e

We love how the Endura Flap pet door insert perfectly matches the frame of Daryl’s sliding glass door. And Henry is such a handsome young man! He steals the show as a shining ray of cuteness posing next to his pet door.

2nd Place – $250

A big spotted dog using the Pride Pet Door Mount


Human: Helen Joy

Dog: Captain the Pointer

Pet Door: Pride Door Mount

When our team first saw this amazing picture of Captain, we thought it looked like a still straight from the hit series Breaking Bad. We love the movement and color in Helen’s picture, and the Pride Door Mount seems like it’s the perfect fit for Captain.

1st Place – $500

German shepherd puppy using the extreme weather Hale Pet Door for Walls


Human: Melanie Mattson

Dog: Skye the German Shepherd

Pet Door: Hale Door Mount

Skye looks like a dog on a mission in this action-packed winter scene. Melanie has proven herself to be a talented photographer by capturing a puppy’s excited racing through her Hale Door Mount. Everyone here at agreed that it’s our favorite picture.

Thank you once more to everyone who participated in the competition. We got plenty of fantastic submissions, so much so that we just can’t resist showing them to you all. So check out these other great photos that our team adored:

Big brown dog using a Hale Pet Door for doors while baby watches


Two boxers using a doggie door for screens and lounging on a bone-shaped patch of grass


Twp labradoodles trying to squeeze through the Endura Flap pet door for walls


Husky laying in front of Hale Pet Door Mount


pig using the Endura Flap pet door for extreme weather and energy efficiency


two cats huddle close to the flap of the Cat Mate Electronic Cat Door


corgie posing by the pride pet door flap


Cat posing by the Hale Wall Mount Doggie Door


Aren’t they all so cute! Keep your eye out on our newsletter for more pet related news, including announcements for any future contests. Until then, check out some of our advice for walking your cat on a leash and for finding pet doors perfect for dogs who have trouble walking.

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