In the War Against Dogs, Cats are the Purrfect Pet

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Have you ever found yourself caught up in the lifelong debate: Cats vs. dogs? Of course you have. Cats or dogs; it’s the timeless wars of the ages waged between our furry friends. Are cats better than man’s best friend? Cat people rejoice! We’re here show you why cats are the best to settle the debate once and for all.

Both sides have fought valiantly and sent their argumentative volleys to the other side in the course of battle with valid, documented facts. But today we’re here to convince animal lovers who are wondering: “should I get a house cat?” Our answer: absolutely.

You might be expecting another calm, measured portrayal of the differences between cats and dogs, collectively explaining the benefits of feline companions over their canine alternative. For example, any good pet lover will tell you that there is nothing better at the end of the day that a cat’s meow or content purr. Cat lovers are more than happy to remind dog owners that cats need to be adopted from animal shelters as much as any Golden Ret river. And while dog lovers may take issue with having to clean the litter box, cat owners love how their purring friends adore regular grooming. But today we’re going to take the debate in a slightly different direction…

You may be wondering, why is the typical cat better than pet dogs? We’ll let these videos speak for themselves. Today we strike a blow for the good of cat kind with pure, albeit unscientific, PAWESOMENESS! (Note: music automatically plays. To turn it off, scroll to featured video and pause it.)


While dogs can perform many fine feats of agility, they sometimes lack that raw, primal burst of energy that comes from a startled cat (often in the form of an impressive pounce). Cat’s take another point in Cats vs. Dogs!

Acting Skills

Still wondering: do cats make better pets than dogs? We all know that dogs make great actors. Most of us have heard of Lassie and Old Yeller. Dog make great actors due to their obedience and are usually the “good guys”. Every good guy actor needs a good villain actor though….and this cat has been practicing.

Purrseverance in the face of opposition

It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in, even when nobody else will and even go so far as to say harmful things like, “NO! You can’t do that!”. Cats have a strong sense of self confidence and make sure they complete what they start. Stand up for what you believe in Thug Cat!


Cats like to live in style. No, we’re not talking cats in suits (although that would be quite a sight to see). You see dogs all the time in their own strollers, being pushed by their humans. This is inefficient as it requires energy on the part of the human. Cats have evolved to take control of the robotic world to use as their own personal chariots of comfort without the need for human effort.


We have seen many pets from both the canine and feline world in dance videos, but it takes a special type of pet to do such a great rendition of the timeless classic, “Thriller”. A tip of the hat, dancing cat.


Kittens…’Nuff said. *wipes tear from eye*

A great blow has been dealt to the canine oppressors this day, but if history has taught us anything, it is that they will be back….running away and returning is apparently what they are good at….

To acquire  your very own pocket panther and join the fight, please visit your local humane shelter. There are always lovable cats (and dogs) in need of a forever home. Cats are low maintenance and great stress relievers (you haven’t lived until you have had a cat massage).

Still not convinced about one or the other? Take a look at these pet facts about cats and dogs to further your research on who is the ultimate, superior species!

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