How Does the Brand New ClearVis Pet Gate Compare to Other Top-Rated Safety Gates?

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We love our pets, but we don’t want them getting into every area of the house. Maybe you have carpets you don’t want to get ruined, or maybe you want a fur-free space for your guests. Either way, a safety gate is a perfect solution to your problem.

Safety gates are designed to block access to stairs and doorways for cat and dogs while still allowing easy access for adults. Since pet gates are great tools for pet owners, we’ve decided to compare some of the best expandable gate models out there to find out which freestanding gate will be the best for you and your pet!

dog and baby separated by the ClearVis Baby Gate for pets

What Makes a Good Pet Gate?

When looking for the best gate for your family, it’s essential to look for these four qualities:

  • Effectiveness. How well does the gate block off areas of your house? Is it easy for adults to open but impossible for pets? How difficult is it to install and uninstall?
  • Durability. How long can you expect the gate to last? Do customers report that it is easily broken? Can it withstand pressure from even the biggest of dogs?
  • Aesthetics. Safety gates do not have to be the ugliest part of any room. Is the dog gate an eyesore, or will it add to the sleek look of your home?
  • Cost. Are you getting your money’s worth? Will the lower price mean more headaches? Does a higher cost mean higher quality?

We’ll be comparing some of the top safety gates on the market based on these standards to figure out which ones will be worth your money.

Regalo Baby Easy Step Walk Through Safety Gate

The Regalo Baby Easy Step Walk Through Safety Gate

The Regalo is one of the leading safety gate manufacturers, with their Easy Step Walk Through Safety Gate ranking in over 45,000 reviews on Amazon.

The safety gate itself is highly effective, with a built-in swinging door that allows adults to step through without completely dismantling the gate. While the latch is meant to be used one-handed, many of its customers report needing both hands to open it. That means that it can be difficult to carry things between rooms without accidentally letting your dog through. Plus, while this walkthrough pet gate is available in two different length ranges, it cannot fit doorways between 34″ and 35″ long. Doorways over 38.5″ would also require an extension piece at an additional cost.

The metal construction means that your teething puppy won’t be able to chew through the bars, nonetheless leave any dents.

The gate’s white finish is fine, but it only matches a specific aesthetic. It also runs the risk of making your home look like a professional daycare.

For its cost, the Regalo is a reasonably good deal. However, it has a semi-permanent installation that makes it hard to move the gate to other places in the house. Additionally, the safety gate is meant to be installed with protective wall cups to prevent damage to your home but adds a level of difficulty to the installation process.

Plus, while bars can keep some pets out, it’s not the most effective solution. Cats and small dogs can squeeze through them, and those who can’t run the risk of getting their heads or bodies stuck. If your pet is an escape artist, it might be best to look for a different dog gate.

Cumbor 46″ Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways

The Cumbor Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways

The Cumbor Baby Gate is excellent for those with larger doorways and stairwells, as it can stretch from 29.5 inches to 46 inches wide. Unlike the Regalo’s safety gate, this one features a door latch that can operate with one hand only with maximum convenience. It is made out of durable steel, which means that pets cannot chew through the bars. It has requires no drilling, as it uses a tension system to hold the gate in place.

However, much like the previous gate, the bar design is a hazard for pets. Additionally, while this gate has various finishes such as black, brown, and red; it is not aesthetically pleasing. Its cost is also higher than the Regalo for what seems to be a similar overall design.

One of the main concerns that customers bring up is that even with extension pieces, the gate does not fit as many doorways as it claims it does. If you are looking to fill in a doorway that is a few inches below or above 40 inches wide, be aware that this safety gate may not fit your doorway perfectly, even with extensions.

North States MyPet Paws 40″ Portable Pet Gate

North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate

Initially, we were very excited about this pet door as the lack of bars meant that it would not be a safety hazard for pets. However, when looking closer at customer reviews and the gate’s design, we can see that the North State Pet Gate has its fair share of flaws.

Unlike the other options on this list, this gate is made from plastic, making it highly vulnerable to pet chewing. If your teething puppy gets his teeth around any part of this gate, it will show. The dog gate is also not stable; many customers report noticeable warping in the gate. The tension rods that are supposed to hold it in place are also insufficient, as customers have complained that it is wobbly even when locked in place. Ultimately, the gate’s plastic design means that its durability is compromised. Bigger dogs will be able to knock it over easily.

Additionally, while this gate features a lever to open and close it with ease, many customers report that it gets stuck easily and, often, does not even work correctly.

Even though this gate is the cheapest on our list, it seems like it might not be worth the money. We recommend checking out a different pet-safe gate.

ClearVis Pet Gate

ClearVis Baby Gate

While it is new to the market, the ClearVis Pet Gate is an excellent portable pet gate solution. Its sleek design is not only modern and aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces anxiety for pets. Since this wide pet gate is made of a clear, durable glass pane, dogs and cats can see through it easily, reducing stress caused by not being able to see sources of noise. Its vinyl frame design will also not be damaged by chewing.

Unlike other pet gates, the ClearVis is an extra-wide pet gate that does not require extensions to fit within larger doorways and stairwells. While it comes with wall protectors that require drilling to install, it is held up by easy-to-use tension rods that can fit spaces as wide as 46 inches. It also comes in two different heights so that even the biggest pet cannot jump over it, 18 inches and 24 inches. This makes it a great tall pet gate for indoor as well as outdoor use.

While the ClearVis does not have a built-in door for easy access, we find that the lack of hazardous design combined with its supreme durability and aesthetics makes it the optimal choice for pet owners. Its price may be higher than the regular pet door, but it comes with an ease of mind that many of the other safety gates lack.

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