Dogs Make the Best Running Companions

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On June 5, 2016, competitive dog runner Brian Duff and his Weimaraner dog, Kaydom, pushed each other to complete a 4:13 mile at the State Street Dog Mile race in Santa Barbara, California. This is believed to be the fastest known human-dog mile performance ever!

black dog with leash standing on rock

We all know our four legged friends are filled with energy; our dogs at the office are constantly bouncing off the walls, chasing each other and flying in and out of their Endura Flap Door. But did you know that on average dogs can run 19 miles per hour? That’s equivalent to a 3:09 mile! Because of dogs’ style of running economy, they disable their lactic acid buildup and keep their body temperature at safe levels – that’s why dogs make the perfect jogging companions! Here are some of the best dogs to run with! 

Border Collie:

The Border Collie is smaller than other big dog running breeds, but they’re nonetheless a fast competitor. They are some of the best dogs for running with their super high energy levels. You need to see Mikey our office Border Collie running, she’s crazy! Sometimes I’ll go out back with her and we chase each other around and there is NO tiring that dog out. Rumor has it that Mikey is capable of following a bike at 20 mph for several miles, and will want to run more after! Border Collies are herding dogs and actually considered one of the most intelligent breeds. Along with being some of the best running dogs, they are also some of the best companion dogs! They need a job to do, so keep your Border Collie happy and get out and explore with them. 

Sometimes mutts like these can be the best running dogs

Rhodesian Ridgebacks:

Did you know that Rhodesian Ridgebacks were originally bred to help their masters hunt lions in Africa? I didn’t! That would explain their extreme athleticism and efficient stride. They are one of the best dogs for runners (plus they’re also surprisingly great with people, so get out there and make some new friends!). 


We already know that Weimaraner’s can run at least a 4:13 mile. While they excel at short and quick bursts of running with their short-twitch muscles, they can also sustain pacing for long distances with a short coat made for handling hot climates and prolonged exercise.


Dating back from Ancient Egypt, the Saluki is one of the oldest breeds known to man. Their heavily padded feet help absorb their running impact, and they have been clocked going nearly 43 mph! 


Maybe your dog can’t clearly be defined. Well watch out because chances are they’re among the most energetic dogs and have a passion for running like many of their four-legged friends. Just look at another one of our office dogs, Loki! When Loki goes to the beach, he goes wild! The look of pure happiness on Loki’s face during a good run is truly heartwarming. Speaking of happiness, exercise is actually attributed to better moods, higher self-esteem, and decreased stress (in dogs and in humans).

Before you go running with your dog, always make sure that you each fit in a proper warm up, are properly hydrated and fed, and know your limits. If your dog is panting excessively or slowing down, don’t force them.

Be aware of the ground you run on, because the pads on your dog’s feet can be sensitive to hard, rough or hot surfaces. So get out there, hit the trails and spend some quality time outdoors with your best friend! Most importantly, have fun! 

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