Dog Birthdays

by admin

Our pets are some of the most treasured partners in our lives. Because they live with you, they are there for your highest of highs and your lowest of lows. Your pet will always be there no matter the situation, so what do you do to show them appreciation? At, we like to celebrate pet birthdays with a little flair (it’s what we do). Nothing like a puppy birthday pawty to brighten up a workday! Check out our dog birthday party ideas:

First things first: Your dog needs puppy party decorations and dog toys including a party hat of some sort. Party hats are an ESSENTIAL aspect of dog birthday ideas! Taking pictures of the event is crucially important. Sometimes, if you don’t have one lying around, you can improvise as this birthday dog did:

A mix-breed dog with yellow fur balancing a wrapped present with a bow on his head.

Next Up for dog party supplies is dog treats! Treats for humans are nice, but treats or even dog birthday cakes for your furry friends should be the main event. We have links to some dog-friendly, healthy treat recipes for your dog’s birthday that they will absolutely LOVE!

Next, rally your guests by sending out dog birthday party invitations for the birthday puppy. Sign them with a paw-print for a special touch that your guests will be able to read! Once you have your guest list, you’re ready to go!

Final Step: Document, Document, Document! The world needs to see the glory that is your pet, and when there are treats and birthday hats involved, even more so. When you think you’ve taken enough pictures, whip out that camera and snap a few more. As pet parents, you will NOT regret taking excess pictures of your pet’s birthday, but be sure to live in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing! Follow these suggestions for a very happy birthday with dogs!

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