AnimalBiome DoggyBiome Microbiome Testing Package Evaluate – Pt 1

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AnimalBiome DoggyBiome offers microbiome testing and probiotic supplements to correct a pet's digestive system and heal the gut and boost the immune system.

This assessment of the AnimalBiome Doggy Biome microbiome testing package was initially printed in April 2019. A buddy launched me to AnimalBiome after they have been providing a BOGO deal that allowed me to check the intestine microbiome of two of my canines for the value of 1.

What Is AnimalBiome DoggyBiome?

AnimalBiome is an organization that exams the intestine biome of our pets, by means of a stool pattern that we ship to them to tell us the state (wholesome or unbalanced) of their intestine microbiome.

I ordered the kits (nope, did not obtain something without spending a dime) they usually arrived well timed with clear directions on the best way to acquire a stool pattern. AnimalBiome even offers gloves and different instruments in order that we don’t should deal with the poop with our naked arms.  I took the canines outdoors and walked round with them, collected their poop with poop luggage, after which set every part up outdoors to gather stool samples.

Johan was fully grossed out.  I instructed him that a minimum of I wasn’t doing it on the kitchen counter.  Though I pretended that this was my plan simply to get the response.  Priceless.

One other step within the course of is to arrange an account for every of the canines being examined.  Just a few weeks later, I obtained an e mail that the outcomes have been out there and I can log onto their account to assessment a abstract and print a full report.

Why I Care About My Canine’ Intestine Microbiome

Rodrigo is the explanation I’m obsessive about my canines’ intestine microbiome.  He has a historical past of digestive points, together with fuel, unfastened stool, and environmental allergic reactions.  If he wasn’t already a uncooked fed canine, I’m sure individuals would suggest switching him over.

Transitioning to uncooked did remedy lots of his well being points, however many nonetheless lingered they usually might all be tied on to the intestine. Managing his well being was overwhelming as I spent years testing out proteins and dietary supplements to see what labored finest for him.

I used to be enthusiastic about AnimalBiome as a result of I assumed testing his microbiome would possibly give me some perception into his well being and supply me with just a few options.

My Canine’ Microbiome Take a look at Outcomes

Once I obtained the take a look at outcomes, I instantly printed the complete report and sat down for a learn.  I anticipated to learn a report much like the canine DNA exams or the sensitivity take a look at.  I used to be improper.  They gave me a listing of the varied bacterium floating round my canine’s intestine, together with how a lot (and the way little).

The report additionally in contrast what was taking place in every of my canines’ intestine to different canines. Nevertheless, I do not imagine that that is an “apples to apples” comparability. In different phrases, my canines’ microbiome wasn’t in comparison with the microbiome of different uncooked fed canines.  However perhaps this does not matter.

I will admit that the report was fascinating, however I did not actually know what to do with the knowledge. I used to be left with extra questions as a result of I’ve by no means been uncovered to such a info. It appeared like Rodrigo lastly has a wholesome intestine after a lot work. Am I studying that proper? If that’s the case, why is his intestine wholesome? What did I do proper?

I shortly opened Scout’s take a look at outcomes anticipating him to attain larger; I used to be improper.  Scout’s take a look at outcomes have been terrible.  What?  They learn as a canine that has power digestive points. Scout solely has unfastened stool or diarrhea sometimes; he’s very wholesome.  I extra confused.

My Session with AnimalBiome DoggyBiome

The error that I made was assuming that I might be contacted to schedule a session to assessment the take a look at outcomes. That is what occurred with the dietary blueprint take a look at and allergy take a look at.  I ought to have contacted AnimalBiome immediately with my questions. I discovered later that AnimalBiome did attain out to me a few session, however the e mail both landed in my spam folder or received held up on the Interwebs – I by no means obtained it.

My E mail to AnimalBiome DoggyBiome…

“I had my canines’ poop examined again in January (I imagine) and obtained the outcomes.  I deliberate to do a assessment, however none of it meant a factor to me.  Are my canines wholesome, not wholesome, is there one thing that I can do to assist them aside from shopping for your dietary supplements?

In fact, I respect that you are a enterprise and one side of that enterprise is supplementation, however I used to be questioning if the biome take a look at is one thing that I ought to take to my vet for assessment or should you provide a service that higher explains the outcomes.”

Response from AnimalBiome

Thanks for reaching out along with your questions. I’ve reviewed Scout’s and Ringo’s studies, and the outcomes are very very fascinating to say the least. Scout’s report signifies a considerable lack in total variety in his intestine microbiome which and could be very excessive in Fusobacterium which is related to signs diarrhea and total digestive points however I would wish to know extra about his signs to get a greater understanding. Alternatively, Ringo is above common in variety, and within the excessive common vary of richness and evenness indicating a wholesome intestine microbiome. But he has a little bit of E. shigella micro organism which may very well be superb or not superb, we don’t take a look at to decipher whether or not it’s pathogenic or not.

Positively present these outcomes to the vet, I at all times suggest this. They’ve the flexibility to find out if the findings are something to be alarmed about. I like to recommend to first go to the vet to verify there is not a necessity for antibiotics at the start. Within the case that they do have to take antibiotics, our capsules might help restore their intestine microbiome of the micro organism that the antibiotics will wipe out and get it again to a extra balanced state. 

I hope this was useful!”

Is Antibiotics the Reply to Intestine Points?

To be trustworthy, I do not know. I am not a veterinarian. I am positive there may be some kind of an infection within the intestine that’s finest handled with antibiotics. I used to be much more confused, to say the least. The final phrase I anticipated to learn when reviewing a intestine microbiome report was “antibiotics.”

It wasn’t clear which canine she suspected wanted antibiotics and she or he did not clarify what made her suppose that antibiotics may be crucial.

I obtained the next clarification from a consultant of AnimalBiome on July 5, 2019:

“I apologize if among the info round antibiotics was not communicated clearly by my staff. However to be clear, AnimalBiome has by no means, and can by no means, suggest a cat or canine go on antibiotics primarily based on the outcomes of our microbiome take a look at. We recognize trustworthy opinions, however we really feel that the part of the assessment pertaining to our advice of antibiotics misrepresents our core mission and values.”

To point out that I did not “misrepresent” their phrases, here’s a screenshot of the preliminary e mail that I obtained from the corporate:

Email from AnimalBiome suggesting that antibiotics may be necessary.

My Canine’ AnimalBiome DoggyBiome Take a look at Outcomes

The next was taken, phrase for phrase, from the studies I obtained from AnimalBiome for Rodrigo and Scout. I tried so as to add screenshots, nonetheless, the phrases have been too small to learn.


  • Rodrigo: 37.28
  • Scout: 49.58
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 19.8

Micro organism belonging to the Fusobacterium genus assist your pet digest animal proteins. In case your pet lacks Fusobacterium, growing the protein content material of their food regimen will seemingly be useful. On the identical time, elevated ranges of Fusobacterium are related to diarrhea and power digestive points, so moderation is essential. For correcting overabundances of Fusobacterium, contemplate including extra dietary fiber to your pet’s food regimen.


  • Rodrigo: 4.11
  • Scout: 0
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 15.9

Micro organism belonging to the Prevotella genus assist digest carbohydrates in your pet’s food regimen. They’re current in reasonable quantities in most wholesome pets, however after they change into too considerable, they’re related to unhealthy ranges of irritation. Prevotella could even play a task in power circumstances like Inflammatory Bowel Illness (IBD). In case your pet has an excessive amount of Prevotella, contemplate reducing or eliminating easy carbohydrates from their food regimen. This contains grains, starches, fruits, and greens.


  • Rodrigo: 10.45
  • Scout: 29.49
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 12.2

Micro organism belonging to the Bacteroides genus assist forestall dangerous micro organism from colonizing within the intestine. Pets with extra of those micro organism are likely to have more healthy physique weights. In case your pet’s pattern is low in Bacteroides, contemplate including a prebiotic complement like psyllium husk powder, inulin, or acacia gum to assist feed these micro organism.


  • Rodrigo: 0
  • Scout: 0
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 11.5

Micro organism belonging to the Megamonas genus assist regulate your pet’s metabolism. Megamonas micro organism kick into excessive gear in case your pet stops consuming or is unable to soak up vitamins from their meals; in these instances, the Megamonas micro organism assist protect vitality so your pet doesn’t shed pounds. When an excessive amount of Megamonas micro organism is current, nonetheless, it could possibly make your pet extra vulnerable to changing into chubby.


  • Rodrigo: 1.77
  • Scout: 3.9
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 5.5

Micro organism belonging to the Blautia genus produce anti-inflammatory compounds that assist defend the digestive tract from changing into broken attributable to power irritation.


  • Rodrigo: 1.24
  • Scout: 3.81
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 4.4

Micro organism belonging to the Peptoclostridium genus assist defend your pet towards numerous intestinal pathogens, together with Clostridium difficile and sure dangerous strains of Escherichia coli. Pets with wholesome ranges of Peptoclostridium are likely to have more healthy immune and digestive techniques. These micro organism could also be poor in chubby or overweight pets.


  • Rodrigo: 10.34
  • Scout: 1.7
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 3.5

Micro organism belonging to the Collinsella genus assist detoxify poisons and defend the intestine towards pathogens. Whereas Collinsella are useful in reasonable quantities, an overgrowth might be problematic: elevated ranges of Collinsella have been related to diarrhea and Inflammatory Bowel Illness (IBD). Growing fiber consumption could assist to maintain Collinsella ranges in test.


  • Rodrigo: 2.57
  • Scout: 2.08
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 3.5

Micro organism belonging to the Sutterella genus assist hold the immune system energetic, counteracting different kinds of micro organism that suppress the immune system. Average ranges hold your pet protected from sickness; on the identical time, larger ranges are related to digestive points like diarrhea and meals sensitivities.


  • Rodrigo: 1.27
  • Scout: 0
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 2.7

Micro organism belonging to the Faecalibacterium genus are extra considerable in energetic animals at wholesome weights. These micro organism additionally assist fight irritation within the physique. Animals with Inflammatory Bowel Illness (IBD) and different power inflammatory circumstances are likely to have low ranges of Faecalibacterium.

[Ruminococcus] gnavus group

  • Rodrigo: 0
  • Scout: 0.33
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 2.5

Micro organism belonging to the [Ruminococcus] genus possess potent anti-inflammatory properties and in addition assist kill pathogens which have entered the digestive tract. To extend [Ruminococcus] ranges, attempt including a supply of dietary fiber like psyllium husk, inulin, or acacia gum to your pet’s food regimen.


  • Rodrigo: 1.05
  • Scout: 0.35
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 2.2

Micro organism belonging to the Clostridium genus have been linked with high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets, that are really useful for wholesome weight reduction. Additionally they are typically extra considerable in pets which might be on uncooked diets. However an excessive amount of Clostridium might be problematic; to scale back Clostridium ranges, contemplate including S boulardii, a yeast-based probiotic, to your pet’s routine. This pressure of yeast helps lower the quantity of Clostridium micro organism within the intestine.

Escherichia Shigella

  • Rodrigo: 11.38
  • Scout: 1.75
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 1.4

Micro organism belonging to the Escherichia genus are usually current at low ranges in lots of wholesome pets. Nevertheless, extreme ranges of specific strains have been linked with power diarrhea and different well being points.


  • Rodrigo: 0.24
  • Scout: 0.82
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 1.3

Micro organism belonging to the Lachnospiraceae household possess potent anti-inflammatory properties and in addition assist kill pathogens which have entered the digestive tract. To extend Lachnospiraceae ranges, attempt including a supply of dietary fiber like psyllium husk, inulin, or acacia gum to your pet’s food regimen.


  • Rodrigo: 1.03
  • Scout: 1.43
  • Common for Wholesome Canine: 0.8

Micro organism belonging to the Lachnoclostridium genus possess potent anti-inflammatory properties and in addition assist kill pathogens which have entered the digestive tract. To extend Lachnoclostridium ranges, attempt including a supply of dietary fiber like psyllium husk, inulin, or acacia gum to your pet’s food regimen.

Remaining Ideas on AnimalBiome DoggyBiome

After I sat down and actually learn the studies, I used to be capable of achieve a greater understanding of the outcomes and my preliminary takeaway is that my canines want extra fiber of their food regimen.

Sources of Fiber:

  • fur (they eat rabbit ft and ears with hair)
  • vegetable

All in all, I feel that this is a crucial take a look at however I do not suppose the knowledge supplied within the report was straightforward to know and I might have appreciated a chance to assessment these outcomes with an expert.

I Nonetheless Have Questions About AnimalBiome DoggyBiome

Once I was speaking in regards to the take a look at with my boyfriend, somebody who is aware of lower than I do about canine vitamin and well being, he had the next questions that I discovered compelling:

  • What canines are our canines being in comparison with? What number of canines have they got of their database? – I am sure AnimalBiome has this info listed someplace on their web site, however I used to be stumped. I do not know.
  • Our canines are fed uncooked, are they being in comparison with different uncooked fed canines or kibble fed canines? If AnimalBiome has kibble fed canines of their database, is it a good and correct comparability?
  • What in regards to the age and breed of the canines of their database? Or the place the canines reside? Does that affect the microbiome? And if our canines are being in comparison with them, are the outcomes correct?
  • Do the take a look at outcomes foresee any well being points? Later in 2019, Rodrigo was identified with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Talking to J made me understand how a lot I do not know in regards to the microbiome and whereas that is fascinating info, we’re in the beginning of this groundbreaking path to understanding our canines’ well being. Once I examined my canines, there have been too many unknowns. Nevertheless, as AnimalBiome (and its database) grows, I imagine that the knowledge will change into extra correct and beneficial. What involves thoughts are canine DNA exams; over time, the exams have change into extra correct as their breed/breed-mix database has grown.

My Disappointment with AnimalBiome DoggyBiome

My solely disappointments have been the studies, which I discovered complicated and overwhelming, and the e-mail exchanges with AnimalBiome. I felt dismissed; as if my expertise did not matter and I used to be an annoyance. I might have appreciated a cellphone session the place I might have gained a greater understanding of the outcomes and the following steps I might take to enhance my canines’ intestine well being (if steps have been crucial).

Replace on AnimalBiome DoggyBiome Evaluate

Though I had lower than a stellar expertise with AnimalBiome in 2019, I hear from extra individuals who have had a constructive expertise on a regular basis. Try AnimalBiome opinions and you will see that they are principally constructive with the primary critique being that the dietary supplements did not work for his or her canine or cat. To me, that is to be anticipated, not every part works for each pet.

AnimalBiome now frequently gives consultations to go over their exams with prospects. I’ve heard from a number of prospects that they have been capable of get extra details about the take a look at in addition to steerage on the following steps to assist their canine. AnimalBiome additionally has a YouTube channel that provides extra info on their exams.

After my expertise, I did not plan to spend money on microbiome testing once more as a result of, for me, it is a waste of cash if I am unable to perceive the take a look at outcomes. I not too long ago modified my thoughts when an area holistic veterinarian who’s caring for Scout really useful having his microbiome examined. She believes in treating the underlying reason behind most cancers and needs to start out with the intestine. So, in 2022, I ordered a brand new package.

I emailed the corporate after inserting my order to schedule a session.

Keep tuned for Half 2 of my assessment.

If you happen to’re desirous about testing your canine’s microbiome, order your AnimalBiome Microbiome testing package right this moment!

AnimalBiome DoggyBiome offers microbiome testing and probiotic supplements to correct a pet's digestive system and heal the gut and boost the immune system.

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