5 Causes Our Canine Have By no means Had Fleas

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We have four dogs and one cat and we've never had an issue with fleas (#knockonwood) and this is why I think we've been so lucky.


Years in the past, after I was nonetheless taking my canine to a standard vet, the veterinarian combed by way of my canine’ hair for the longest time, repeating “they do not have fleas” again and again.

“In fact, my infants do not have fleas!  They’re uncooked fed.”  I did not say that out loud.

Though fleas are a 12 months round problem for a lot of canine, many people solely begin getting ready for Flea Season (Spring by way of Fall).  Guess what! There isn’t any flea season, as a result of, within the winter, the fleas that laid eggs or had been chilling within the heating geese wake the hell up and begin popping round on our canine (and us).

We have managed to dodge the flea downside for years by doing just a few simple issues for our canine and residential.

5 Issues I Do to Shield Our Canine from Fleas

Once I inform those that my canine have by no means had fleas, they do not imagine me.  A flea might have landed on one in every of them, however it by no means sticks round.  I discovered about free prevention from different canine house owners who use pure preventions that works.  When somebody first informed me what to do, I used to be skeptical – fleas are unavoidable? – however they had been proper.

1. Uncooked Fed Canine (and Garlic) Aren’t Tasty to Fleas

Our canine eat a uncooked meals weight loss program.  Somebody informed me that fleas do not just like the style of uncooked fed canine, I believe they’re proper.  However I am not keen to simply accept that that is all I must do to stop fleas on my canine and in our house.

In accordance with Dr. Peter Dobias, the explanations canine fed processed meals entice fleas are…

  • fleas love sugar highs, and kibble diets trigger extreme spikes in blood glucose ranges, which attracts fleas.
  • fleas are interested in animals with stronger odors and fewer wholesome pores and skin.

That sounds nice and all, however I do know many uncooked feeders who’re nonetheless battling fleas. A pal raves about including garlic to her canine’ weight loss program and the advantages. We’re typically informed that garlic is poisonous to canine, however the examine this fantasy relies on was feeding canine garlic at quantities we’d by no means do in actuality.

I started including Springtime garlic granules to my canine’ weight loss program repeatedly earlier this 12 months due to the superb advantages. I selected a garlic complement versus contemporary garlic as a result of it is simpler to supply, and serve, and I am not apprehensive about giving an excessive amount of to my canine. Contemporary garlic in my space is commonly imported and garlic from some international locations are excessive in arsenic, which I wish to keep away from.

Advantages of Garlic for Canine

  • garlic is a pure antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic (flea/tick repellent)
  • garlic helps to spice up the immune system
  • garlic has cancer-fighting properties
  • garlic acts as a pure detox
  • garlic promotes wholesome intestine micro organism
  • garlic helps to scale back irritation
  • garlic helps cardiac well being
  • garlic helps cognitive well being

Garlic does improve a physique’s anti-clotting properties, so it is not good for canine recognized with hemangiosarcoma.

2. Pure Flea and Tick Repellents ROCK!

I used to alternate between Wondercide and Cedarcide pure flea repellent merchandise.  What I liked about these manufacturers is that their merchandise additionally repel mosquitos.  We do not have to fret about heartworm in Washington state, however this might change.  With three ponds on our property, I do not wish to take an opportunity.  The fish and frogs cannot catch each bug.

A few years in the past, I switched my canine to a product by Kin+Form, which may be very efficient and smells nice. I switched when Wondercide made an components change that freaked individuals out. I nonetheless do not know if the ingredient change was a giant deal, however I am joyful to have a 3rd possibility for my canine.

Beneath are the merchandise that I alternate with our canine right now:

  • Kin+Form Flea/Tick Repellent
  • Away Important Oil by animalEO
  • Evict Important Oil by animalEO
  • Oust Important Oil by animalEO
  • Wondercide House & Pet Flea & Tick Spray

I deal with my canine weekly, massaging the product into their coat. I’ve even used these merchandise on myself to maintain mosquitoes away.

3. Common Grooming Repels Fleas

Lately, I discovered that if you happen to’re utilizing the suitable shampoo (not human shampoo, not dish detergent) you’ll be able to shampoo your canine weekly (each day if obligatory) with out doing hurt to their pores and skin and coat. As we speak, my canine get baths when wanted, which is not that usually. I switched to pure canine shampoo years in the past as a result of it is more healthy and safer.

I alternate between 4-Legger Canine Shampoo, which is licensed natural and all-natural (not a advertising gimmick), and Skout’s Honor Probiotic Shampoo.  If any fleas are hitching a journey on our canine, they go down the drain earlier than I see them.

Once I’m not bathing my canine, I therapeutic massage their coats with therapeutic-grade coconut oil, which is a pure flea and tick killer. The coconut oil coasts the exoskeleton of fleas and ticks, slowing them down and suffocating them whereas therapeutic any bites due to coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial advantages.

  • For prevention, I therapeutic massage a small quantity into my canine’ coats. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil additionally maintain the doggy odor. I do that as soon as every week (or each different week) 12 months round. My canine’ coats are shiny, however not greasy.
  • To handle an outbreak, it is suggested to therapeutic massage a beneficiant quantity of coconut oil into our canine’ pores and skin and coat and wash off 8 hours later utilizing your favourite pure shampoo. I selected to do an in a single day therapy when the canine are sleeping.

Regular canine grooming isn’t solely an effective way to bond together with your canine, it retains them clear, and relaxed, and may function an at-home examination too.

4. Home Cleansing Retains the Fleas Away

We removed the carpet on the principle stage of the house (the place the canine are) and sweep and mop the flooring each different day.  I vacuum our flooring too (works higher than sweeping generally).  Seems like overkill, I do know, however we now have 4 canine and one cat.

For those who’re apprehensive about an infestation, Febreze does wonders at killing fleas and eggs.  I do know it is horrible for us to inhale, however it does work.  Put the canine within the yard for the day, spray the furnishings (beneath too), rugs, and carpet.  Years in the past, two therapies killed all of the fleas a brand new kitten (Jaffrey) introduced into my condominium.  Not preferrred, however I assumed it was higher than utilizing a flea bomb.

A pure answer that has combined evaluations is diatomaceous earth.  You may sprinkle it on canine beds and flooring, let it sit for just a few hours, then vacuum. The difficulty with diatomaceous earth is that it is unhealthy to breathe in, which might impression the canine since they’re nearer to the bottom.

5. Canine Parks are Filled with Fleas (IMO)

This tip might have one thing to do with the dearth of fleas on our canine or it might simply be my tainted view of the canine park and my weak try to supply an excuse to go on a rant that is solely pointless.  However right here goes…10 Causes Canine Parks SUCK!

  1. Some individuals fail to choose up their canine’s poop.
  2. Individuals are extra targeted on their telephones than their canine.
  3. Misguided canine house owners assume the canine park is all they should socialize their canine.
  4. Folks convey their aggressive or anxious canine.
  5. That butt munch who did an alpha roll over on this canine, endangered himself, his canine, and the remainder of us.
  6. The loopy couple who introduced toys to the park and bought mad that different canine wished to play.
  7. The girl who carries her small canine all the time whereas screaming because the canine are interested in her.
  8. Retractable Leashes.
  9. The morons who introduced their Kentucky Fried Rooster and dropped the bones “for the canine.”
  10. The {couples} who convey their toddlers to the canine park to “play with the gorgeous canine.”

Rant Over.

When Fleas are Nonetheless an Concern

Our lack of fleas might simply be luck, good Karma, or it could possibly be that the recommendation I acquired just a few years in the past was spot on.  Somebody as soon as informed me that fleas hate the solar and our property is 95% sunshine and 5% shade.  If this idea is right, we reside on a flea-unfriendly property.  Regardless of the motive, I am grateful that I haven’t got to make use of chemical flea and tick repellents.

Sadly, not everybody has the identical luck that I’ve. I do know individuals who feed uncooked, bathe their canine repeatedly, and hold a cleaner home than we do and so they nonetheless have fleas. Whereas I might like to assume that there’s a easy listing of issues to do to maintain fleas at bay, the truth is that what works for our home might not work for others. If so for you, I might find it irresistible if you happen to’d share the way you’re holding fleas to a minimal. I do not know when my good luck goes to expire and I wish to be ready.

We have four dogs and one cat and we've never had an issue with fleas (#knockonwood) and this is why I think we've been so lucky.


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