5 Causes Blood Work is Vital for Uncooked Fed Canine

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Raw feeders often talk about having blood work done for their dogs; this post shares why it's important and how to make it affordable for multi-dog homes.


After I began feeding a uncooked meals weight-reduction plan to my canine, I stored listening to about blood work within the uncooked feeding teams.  Folks stated that uncooked feeders ought to order blood work for our canine to ensure they had been wholesome.  On the time, I used to be hesitant to do that as a result of I did not assume my canine would love having their blood drawn (I used to be proper) and I believed it could be costly (I used to be proper about that too).

However regardless of my canine’ discomfort and the price, I realized that blood work is essential. It doesn’t matter what weight-reduction plan we feed to our canine.

What’s Blood Work for Uncooked Fed Canine?

The blood work my veterinarian does is a CBD or a Full Blood Rely.  The blood work appears to be like on the purple and white blood cells, platelets, and extra…

  • Ldl cholesterol
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Electrolytes
  • Endocrine ranges
  • Glucose
  • Liver well being
  • Proteins

5 Causes Blood Work is Vital for Uncooked Fed Canine

I believe all canine may gain advantage from having annual or bi-annual blood work, no matter their weight-reduction plan.  The explanations I believe it is essential for my canine to have blood work is as a result of it is one other device to assist me increase wholesome canine.

1 – Blood work for my canine will give me a heads up on any diseases like liver and kidney illness, Cushing’s Illness, hyperthyroidism, some cancers, tick-borne diseases, and extra.

2 – Blood work for my canine offers me a recorded historical past of how they’re doing on a uncooked meals weight-reduction plan, which could be useful if I’ve to take my canine to a brand new veterinarian who is probably not a fan of uncooked feeding.

3 – Blood work helps to watch how my canine are doing whereas they undergo therapy for a well being problem.

4 – Blood work for my canine offers me a chance to study extra about canine vitamin and well being.  This is a chance for me to satisfy with my veterinarian, achieve a greater information of every of my canine, and ask questions – a great deal of questions.

5 – Blood work for my canine offers me peace of thoughts.  Irrespective of how lengthy I have been feeding a uncooked meals weight-reduction plan, I nonetheless get nervous as a result of I am at all times studying and my information of canine vitamin is minimal.  Blood work lets me know that my canine are heading in the right direction.

Can Bloodwork Expose Dietary Deficiencies?

Would not or not it’s good if bloodwork additionally tell us how our canine are doing on our house formulate diets?

Blood work for my canine could let me know if there are any deficiencies in my canine’ weight-reduction plan that I can tackle and proper via supplementation or the addition or subtraction of meals.  In fact, by the point deficiencies present up on an entire blood depend (CBC), it could be a critical problem.


..there are blood exams that search for dietary deficiencies. Nonetheless, these exams are considerably larger than a daily panel (CBC), costing a number of hundred {dollars}.  It is less expensive to have hair samples despatched in for testing.

The beneath hyperlinks will take you to the dietary blood exams in addition to articles that debate blood work and why dietary blood exams aren’t efficient.  You will should make your individual resolution if that is the correct path in your canine.

  • Dietary Blood Assessments (NBT)
  • Why Blood Work Cannot Inform You What to Feed Your Pet
  • Why Blood Work Can’t Consider Nutrient Poor Canine Diets
  • Dietary Evaluation for Canine and Cats – Why It’s So Vital

However My Canine Hate Blood Attracts

In case your canine hate needles like my canine, let your veterinarian know.

None of my canine are followers of blood attracts in order that they get CBD oil on wellness verify days; one in every of my canine is full on medicated. I fearful that this could intrude with the bloodwork however my veterinarian assures me that it isn’t an issue. Thank Heavens.

Making Blood Work Reasonably priced for a Multi-Canine Dwelling

As I acknowledged earlier, blood work is dear.  Particularly for multi-dog properties or you probably have a sick or geriatric canine that wants a number of wellness appointments yearly. That is what I am doing to maintain the wellness checks reasonably priced…

  • I’ve blood work performed yearly for our youthful canine as a substitute of twice a yr.
  • I haven’t got all of the canine’ blood work performed on the identical time; two are within the fall, two are within the spring.
  • I work with integrative vets as a substitute of holistic vets; they’re cheaper.
  • I communicate with the veterinarian about which exams they’d advocate – a full panel is probably not wanted.

I’ve discovered that quite a lot of veterinarians are useful in relation to caring for our canine inside a price range; we simply want to search out the veterinarian who’s a proper match for our pack.

Understanding Blood Work for Uncooked Fed Canine

My veterinarian goes over the blood panel for every of our pets however that does not imply that I perceive what she informed me an hour later. So I discovered the beneath sources useful. And it is essential that the veterinarians we work with perceive that our canine are uncooked fed.

  • What Your Canine And Cat ‘s Lab, Urine And Blood Work Outcomes Imply, 2ndChance.information (superb useful resource)
  • Understanding Canine Blood Assessments, TheDrakeCenter.com
  • Blood Assessments – Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work, Vet West Animal Hospitals
  • Regular Blood Values and Uncooked Fed Canine, Canine Naturally Journal

Raw feeders often talk about having blood work done for their dogs; this post shares why it's important and how to make it affordable for multi-dog homes.


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